Welcome to Neelsagar Consultants.

        Current Assignments:-
       Detail engineering of Agro chemical project for M/s Chemionix Solution.
       Detail engineering of Cooling water circuit for EMS coils for M/s Jailaxmi Casting & Alloys Pvt. Ltd, Aurangabad
        Completed Assignments:
       Preparation of Instrumentation MTO for Mumbai High platforms in collaboration with M/s RPEngineers for ONGC.
       Detail Engineering for Re-Wamp of PWC for BPA and BPB Platforms for HAL offshore in association with M/s Forseighters, Mumbai.
       Detail Engineering for Urea FormalDehyde Resin for SFCCL, in association with M/s Unique Chemoplast, Mumbai.
       PMC services to M/s Petroleum Consulting Engineers, Mumbai for Fired Heaters, MRPL.
       Detail Engineering for Modification of Building Fire alarm System for M/s Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company (GNPOC) in  association with M/s Golla Engineering PVt. Ltd.
       Engineering services to M/s Golla Engineering Pvt. Ltd for M/s HPCL Job.